„Truth it’s truth, even if all people are against her, however error stays error, even if all people are behind him."

William Penn


PENTALOG - individual declaration of independence.


According to Gregorian calendar, on 21st of January 2002 after birth of Jesus from Nazareth (called Christ), members of "Sect" finished formulate of five Truths Of faith:


I. Consciousness is sovereignty being.


II. Annihilation of consciousness is murder, it doesn’t matter how and from what make is formation what is her carrier.

III. If living being is carrier of consciousness, then life as guarantee of continuity existence’s of this consciousness, is subject to special protection.

The consciousness is exclusive owner of her carrying life and possesses inalienable and exclusive rights of deciding in all his matters.

IV. Life which is not carrier of consciousness (at present or in future), possesses covertly value market and is a property which can become bought or appropriated by some consciousness. Consciousness does not possess commercial value, and her disposing, purchase, and all interferences having in view restriction( at present or in future) overtaked by her of area, are heavy crimes.

V. Fact possessions of consciousness authorizes to formation hierarchy of value, to do assessments and decide in every matter. Only yardstick of rightness of activities conscious creature is lack or acceptance sense of harm in consciousness other creatures (which possess own consciousness). Harms executes solely on consciousness. Creature (formation) which is not possessing consciousness, can not become wronged.


With day of end of formulating above truths humankind entered in new era, called by members of sect, MODERN ERA. Previous time, counted from fall of Western Roman Empire, is dividing on lower, middle and upper Middle Ages.



At present moment, mediaeval moral dilemmas such as: capital punishment, euthanasia, abortion, prostitution, racism, cloning, genetic experiments and creation of artificial intelligence (etc etc) – became rated among zones of superstitions and of prejudices. But five Truths of Faith not determine of denial, but determine logical continuation of humanity achievements. Behavior according to their notes, does not guarantee of coming into being „paradise" on the Earth, but extracts full honesty of estimations and decisions, not burdened with hang-up and superstitions.



Precursor Of modern era is physicist (upper Middle Ages) Polish origins Joe Jansson which in one's own work entitled. „Antidotum" included bases of current outlook on life.






Modern Era.

2002 year Sect – PENTALOG (five Truths Of faith).

Upper Middle Ages.

1859 year K. Darwin – „On the origin of species

Means of naturel selection".

Central Middle Ages.

1506 year M. Kopernik – writing „Commentariolus".

Lower Middle Ages.

476 year Fall of Western Roman Empire.